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Roasted Baby Beets with Mint and Cumin

I have always loved beets. It really doesn’t matter how they are prepared. In a soup, roasted, boiled, pickled, or even from a can. Just give me lots of beets!     My DH however did not always share the same love for this beautiful vegetable. You see, he grew up eating pan-fried trout with a side of pickled beets. For meals….most … Continue reading

Our Signature Wedding Cocktail – “Mojitos a la cubana”

Three years ago, I married my best friend. Can you believe that it’s already been a total of 8 wonderful years with my DH? So the story of this tasty libation begins a little more than three years ago, when everything for our wedding was planned and ready to go – months and in some cases years in advance (thank you OCD!). We only … Continue reading

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