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NOtaBLE – the restaurant

Have you ever been somewhere and had that perfect dish…One that you could eat for the rest of eternity? I’ve found my weakness at Chef Michael Noble’s restaurant NOtaBLE. Seriously, where do I even begin?
Since our very first visit, it has become our most favorite restaurant to eat at. The place is hip, and happening…and who can resist all the feel good gourmet comfort food? It’s also a place where I can safety say that I’ve eaten (and drank) my way through the constantly revolving seasonal menu several times over.
I’m salivating. I just can’t help it. Even the thought of my next visit makes me hungry. Feeling…a bit like Pavlov’s dog but I honestly can’t help it. Besides, it’s not every day that you can say that you have eaten food cooked by the first Canadian chef who competed against Iron Chef Morimoto on Iron Chef Japan (Episode 724 – Battle Potato).

Salmon Hash - the dish that started our "love affair" with NOtaBLE.

 We found out about NOtaBLE via our friends Joanne and Jeff (Hi guys!), and now we are utterly and completely hooked. We’ve have laughed, cried, partied and even opened and closed the place on one occassion. Really, I should just let the photos speak for themselves. Yum! 
** Note: I’m normally too much of a glutton to remember to take photos before I tuck into the dishes (hence only one of the three tasting menus I’ve tried so far have actually made it up).

Butter Poached Venison. OMG ~ Enough said! Chef, may we please have this on the menu all the time? Please please please??

AAA 28 day aged rib-eye - 12 oz

Spragg Farms Pochetta (available on Sundays)

Naturally-raised Chicken (available on Saturdays)

The NOtaBLE Burger inspiration - Wild Boar

Whole Grilled Sea Bream, lemon, thyme, buerre rouge

12 hour-braised & rotisserie-finished Galloway beef sandwich, mustard slaw

Market Menu

And finally, my favorite market menu yet – 1.5 pounds of amazing lobster! This menu was created in celebration of NJ’s father who was a lobster fisherman. I have to say that I’m normally not a big lobster fan (I prefer crab)…but this was hands down THE BEST lobster I have every eaten. Look….I even remembered to snap all four courses of this one
 If you live in Calgary and you haven’t been yet…you are missing out. Seriously. Go already.

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I'm just a girl who is passionate about food. It is my personal quest to try to expand my culinary horizons both at home and abroad. However, I was not always passionate about food. I had my epiphany much later when I got my very first job...at a sushi joint here in town. And just like that "Hook, line and sinker"...a foodie was born! I'm a P/T blogger, P/T yogini...but always a foodie.


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