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Operation “eat at home…” in full swing

I’m not going to lie…it’s been a rough couple of months.

With only one income coming in right now, DH and I have been (for the most part) eating our way through the items in our freezer, fridge and pantry. It’s actually quite amazing that you can still create healthy and delicious meals even as you are standing there, holding the door open and moaning “There’s nothing to eat!”.

It also does help that we do have a fully stocked freezer full of delicious “moo”, chicken and fish. Even more awesome, is the fact that DH is not overly picky when it comes to what is being served up for dinner (he draws the line at Chinese sausage though, as it’s weird to him that sausages can be sweet).

People in the past have accused (wait…is accused really the right word?) me of being a food hoarder. Fine…but I like to think of it as stocking up for when times are lean (like now). Plus, when things go on sale – it’s a no brainer. Pantry staples like dried beans, dried pasta, rice and canned items can keep for a long while in the cupboard. BUT, I can see why they would say that. My pantry cupboard is literally overflowing. As in – if I open it, cans of tomato paste might bonk me on the head. Ouch!

Over the past three months, we have only picked up basic grocery ‘staples’ such as some seasonal fruit, vegetables, milk and the occasional loaf of bread…yet, can still serve up dishes that I believe can be worthy for company. The champagne budget may be gone for now, but at the end of the meal, it sure does not feel like it.

So, with all that being said…I really do apologize for not posting more. However, it gives me good incentive to start a blog series on “pantry eating”. Since it’s now Spring, what better way to clean out the pantry and also get some inspired meals out of it?

Bon Appetite y’all!

About Eunice

I'm just a girl who is passionate about food. It is my personal quest to try to expand my culinary horizons both at home and abroad. However, I was not always passionate about food. I had my epiphany much later when I got my very first job...at a sushi joint here in town. And just like that "Hook, line and sinker"...a foodie was born! I'm a P/T blogger, P/T yogini...but always a foodie.


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