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Baby Shower Cake, Jungle punch…and a call-out for photos?

Okay, so I have a confession to make….I didn’t make the cake.

But is was cute, and delicious! A big giant shout out goes to Kari from Creative Cakes by Kari for making this awesome and amazing cake (and cupcakes). I especially love the monkey, and the bananas and coconuts are so appropriate.

The Cake

Back view of Cake

Fondant Monkey

Fondant Lion

Fondant Elephant

The only problem with having such a cute cake is that no one wanted to cut it and opted instead, to attack the chocolate animal print cupcakes! Which meant that the cake came home with us…and then ended up at hubby’s work for everyone to enjoy 🙂

There was also a massive amount of tasty eats to be had. Vegetable platters, meat & cheese platters, homemade potato and coleslaw provided by my mother-in-law (yummy!), dark cherry pie, carrot cake, and a giant slow-cooker full of pulled pork made by yours truly (recipe to come later, I promise).

A delicious non-alcoholic punch was also provided by us to wash everything down. To be totally honest, I was a little bit scared as I had never made this particular punch before…but it turned out to be a refreshing and tasty treat.

Jungle Punch
Serves 50-60 people

3 – 2L bottles Club Soda
5 – 2L bottles Sprite (or lemon-lime soda)
60 oz frozen lemonade concentrate
60 oz frozen cranberry juice concentrate
Couple bags frozen cranberries
Ice ring or ice cubes (optional, but will water down the punch – which is why we used frozen cranberries instead)

1. Place frozen cranberries in large punch container/bowl.
2. Pour Sprite (lemon-lime soda) and club soda into punch bowl.
3. Scope out frozen cranberry and frozen lemonade concentrates.
4. Mix Well.


I would post more photos from the festivites…but somehow, we only have pictures of the cake (strange). So if anyone has photos, please send them my way because I would love to see (and possibly post) them.

The Cupcakes

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