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Baby Shower Cake, Jungle punch…and a call-out for photos?

Okay, so I have a confession to make….I didn’t make the cake. But is was cute, and delicious! A big giant shout out goes to Kari from Creative Cakes by Kari for making this awesome and amazing cake (and cupcakes). I especially love the monkey, and the bananas and coconuts are so appropriate. The only problem … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival 2011

Okay, this post is 9 days behind schedule. So without further adieu… I was fortunate enough to score a complimentary ticket to this years’ Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. How fantastic is that?! The Calgary Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival is a two-day affair that has been around our fine city for fourteen years now, … Continue reading

Our Signature Wedding Cocktail – “Mojitos a la cubana”

Three years ago, I married my best friend. Can you believe that it’s already been a total of 8 wonderful years with my DH? So the story of this tasty libation begins a little more than three years ago, when everything for our wedding was planned and ready to go – months and in some cases years in advance (thank you OCD!). We only … Continue reading

Simple Pleasures – Fresh Durian Bubble Tea

Enjoying my lunch hour…staring out the window, and drinking my bubble tea made with fresh durian.

Gourmet Stampede…but Christmas is starting to sneak up on us!

OMG! I’ve been so busy eating my way through the Stampede season that I JUST realized – Christmas time is 5 months from now. I need to get a move on things if I’m going to get everything done in time. I’ll post details later on…as we don’t want to spoil the surprise in case any of … Continue reading

Homemade Bacon Vodka

When I first heard about Homemade Bacon Vodka….I thought to myself “WHHAAAAAAAAATTTTT?!”. At first, I felt a little nauseated. Then, I became intrigued. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m a firm believer that bacon makes everything taste better. So, is it really that weird to make several batches of bacon flavoured vodka? For … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival

Can you believe that this amazing Wine & Food festival has been running for thirteen years now?! It is a local show that showcases more than 50 local area restaurants and more than 120 beverage exhibitors. Every year, I’ve been meaning to go and check out this event…BUT it seems that every year, I just so happen to … Continue reading

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