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“I’m Crabby” – Imitation Crab Meat turns into a Pasta Salad

I’m a sucker for purchasing items on sale. One of the items I like to stock up on when it goes on sale is packages of imitation crab meat. Yes, I do realize that it isn’t real crab…but crab flavoured pollack or hake. Imitation Crab meat is one of the few “packaged” or processed items that I  purchase … Continue reading

Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival 2011

Okay, this post is 9 days behind schedule. So without further adieu… I was fortunate enough to score a complimentary ticket to this years’ Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival. How fantastic is that?! The Calgary Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival is a two-day affair that has been around our fine city for fourteen years now, … Continue reading

Summertime in a bowl – Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Dip

There are a few things that I love about summer. Fresh basil growing abundantly on my kitchen windowsill just invigorates and inspires me to find new and interesting ways to use it all up. This is a recipe that I originally found while flipping through the Best of Bridge cookbook.  However, because I am a such a … Continue reading

Roasted Baby Beets with Mint and Cumin

I have always loved beets. It really doesn’t matter how they are prepared. In a soup, roasted, boiled, pickled, or even from a can. Just give me lots of beets!     My DH however did not always share the same love for this beautiful vegetable. You see, he grew up eating pan-fried trout with a side of pickled beets. For meals….most … Continue reading

JoJo’s made it downtown…start rejoicing!

Two times. That’s how many times I’ve eaten at JoJo’s last week. For those of you who don’t know, JoJo’s truck can normally be found in the Barbeques Galore parking lot in the NE quadrant of our city. It really did suck to be the rest of us….until now. After much anticipation, I found out that … Continue reading

…and Alley Burger

As luck would have it – on Tuesday I found out that Alley Burger was going to be parking their truck by my work…after work! A quick dance party in my office ensued. I was finally going to get to taste my first Alley Burger. I got there shortly after 5:00PM for a 5:45 open. I’m the 9th … Continue reading

Finally! Perogy Boyz…

One might say it’s a bad thing when you leave your tasty beverage at the bar to go get perogies. Well, dear readers…I did exactly that last week. I left my drink last Friday night to go in search of the Perogy Boyz food truck that was rumoured to be only three blocks away from my favorite watering … Continue reading

Noshing in the mountains

This past weekend, the weather was fantastic. Two glorious days were spent in Canmore and Banff for the 4th Annual Dragon Boat Festival at Lake Minnewanka. I was busy paddling (on the extremely clear but FREEZING lake)…so, there are only a handful of photos. What is there to say really? The food was great, the company was insane and all … Continue reading

On the hunt…

I can see them…across the field. Like a lioness scoping out my prey, I feel myself crouching down low, ready to pounce. Time slows down and everything becomes still. They have no idea what’s coming. Am I dreaming? Is this really happening? I pinch myself to check. Holy crap…that smarts! Yes, I’m really awake – and … Continue reading

Food Truck Mania

In the past, City Bylaws had prevented us from having full-service food trucks selling tasty treats on our streets. We only had the odd sausage / hot dog / falafel cart as our choices of street meat. With the official launch of the Calgary food truck pilot launch on August 11th, foodies (and everyone else) in town … Continue reading

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